Enterprise Wi-Fi Solutions

Peplink access points are built for scalable multi-site, multi-branch deployments. All your Peplink access points can be remotely configured and managed using the InControl cloud-based central management platform. With InControl 2, you can reduce management costs by centralizing SSID and firmware updates, as well as perform bulk device configuration. Monetize public-facing Wi-Fi networks by using Peplink’s Ad Delivery Service to deliver video advertisements and surveys to clients. With AirProbe, network administrators can remotely monitor their wireless networks and ensure the service quality by performing continuous client simulations and Wi-Fi channel diagnostics.

AP One

Fast, Secure, Long-Range Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi access points in numerous form factors, all capable of ad delivery support and centrally manageable via InControl 2.

Deliver Video Ads and Surveys

Monetize public Wi-Fi service by delivering location-based advertisements. Gather insights with surveys. Easy-to-use interface makes ad delivery a breeze.

Ad Delivery Service


Wi-Fi Performance Diagnostics

Record Wi-Fi performance data for review and troubleshooting. Perform automated client testing. Receive notifications for network events as they happen.